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Collection: Intellectual Disability & Down Syndrome

An intellectually disabled child progresses through childhood at a slower rate than typical youngsters. However, this disorder is not simply connected to the child; the child's interaction with the surrounding environment is also an important consideration. If we are able to establish surroundings that are welcoming and inclusive for them, they will be able to improve a great deal of their abilities and skills and make the most of all of their assets. The primary goals of toys should be the cultivation of autonomy, the stimulation of the senses, and the improvement of the ability to express oneself verbally and in writing. They also focus on their motor skills and muscular tone, and they are encouraged to interact with their surroundings and make friends. It is crucial that they engage in play in order to develop their creativity and strengthen their motor skills. With the assistance of the following assortment of toys, you will be able to choose the ideal item.